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Biospectal | Ene

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Biospectal is a digital health company founded on a mission to democratize remote vital sign monitoring worldwide using smartphones and other consumer-friendly connected devices. Using OptiBP™, blood pressure can be measured through a software application through the camera of smartphones. This delivers pure software with no extra hardware.

Biospectal has forged the first partnership of its kind, with Ene Empower to provide health innovation access in underserved communities. While global in scope, it is starting in Ghana. Ene will facilitate research and pilot programs by using OptiBP. This will bring awareness to issue of hypertension a leading cause of pre-mature death worldwide. The WHO estimates about 1.3B people suffer from hypertension globally.



Ene Empower provides on the ground implementation for Biospectal's global health pilot programs and the organizational support to other leading health NGOs. 


Ene Empower provides Non-Communicable Disease Education in underserved communities around the globe, specifically focusing on hypertension. 


Ene Empower provides access to Biospectal's innovative OptiBP application to ensure that no matter where you are in the world, when OptiBP goes to market access to the lifesaving technology will have no bounds.

Maternal Health

Ene Empower is focused on maternal health and the impact of hypertension related complications during pregnancy.

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