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Ene Empower in Ghana


In 2017, Kofi Nyalimba, current Executive Director of Ene Empower, and Natalie Meyer, Board President, created a program that addressed young women's reproductive health rights in the Volta Region of Ghana. This program included sexual and reproductive health education, the provision of menstrual materials, HIV prevention and advocacy, and the construction of WASH facilities.

In 2020, Kofi and Natalie founded Ene Empower, a community-based organization dedicated to providing a direct impact to the young women in the Volta Region. Ene Empower continues to operate the prior programs, and has the overarching goal to empower young women to become leaders in the community by removing the barriers to their reproductive health rights.  

Ene Empower in Ghana is a registered Ghanaian NGO and a subsidiary of Ene Empower, Inc. a registered US 501(c)(3) non-profit.


Female Empowerment 

Ene Empower's Female Empowerment & Sexual and Reproductive Health program provides comprehensive educational material for adolescent girls (and boys) which includes reproductive rights, anatomy, teenage pregnancy, STIs, and access to menstrual materials for school-aged girls. By employing an innovative combination of reproductive health education, socio-economic and rights based approach Ene can help women and girls achieve independence and self-sufficiency. 

Mother & Child Health

Ene Empower partners with local NGOs to improve routine immunizations for children along with providing ultrasound scanning and other services in rural Ghana. This project installed solar panels and provided vaccine refrigerators in Ho-west District of the Volta Region of Ghana.

Water, Sanitation, & Hygiene

Ene Empower builds WASH programs at several local schools that do not have access to clean facilities. Our WASH facilities offer access to safe drinking water, water storage (poly tanks and water filters), hand washing stations, and toilets designated for girls to use during their menstrual cycles.

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